ParticleBox FAQ

Q: Is ParticleBox some kind of big production house or what?

A: No. ParticleBox is a single man boutique production studio. I sometimes collaberate with a network of freelance professionals on larger jobs that require multiple crew members. My rates are very competitive in the industry while still giving clients top quality work. I've worked with some of the best in the business.

Q: What do you really do?

A: I'm a video production professional and artist. I guess that means I can shoot, light, direct and to some extent edit and provide sound to a video project. The clips and samples on this site were either done exclusively by me or I had some involvement with the production.

If you're looking for a crew to hire, I'm your man. I hire sound, camera and editors to work on larger projects and I act as the producer or production coordinator.

Q: So what do you personally not do?

A: While I can do some code for web sites, I leave that to someone better than me. I don't do 3D animation myself. I hire out within my network. In fact, If I can't do a particular job, I'll recommend someone in my network for the job. I just spread the love around.

Q: What other junk can you do?

A: I have created corporate presentations created print collateral as well as graphics for the web and a few other things as well. I'm a pretty decent grip too.

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